Boat and ships are the ones that are used as the transportation in the sea. It has become the one that carries people and also cargoes into different locations. Shipping is still one of the main types of transporting goods using the sea. There are many large companies that have the business. Now boating is also used as a leisure activity. It is for the recreational purpose. The boat for this purpose has also its own types. They could be called the paddlesports, dinghies, daysailers, cruisers, racing sailboats, runabouts and others.

They have their own added equipment to provide for the necessities and the need of the customers who rent them or be in them. The sizes vary and also the design. But as they are for recreational so they have space for those who like to have sunbathing or a place to sit for the ocean adventure and exploration. For the paddlesports boats, they could be the kayak or canoes. The number of boats that is present around the world is now in millions whether small or big.

There are many water activities that you can also enjoy fishing in the saltwater or in the freshwater section of the sea. You can also learn scuba diving lessons and get your own certificate so you can dive. Or you can just do anything that you like that is related to the sea. When you are at the sea enjoy while you can as you will have to leave it also when you finish the vacation.